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Designing mascots that reflect your brand’s unique persona

How to Order Mascots & Costume Storing

  • Order Procedure
  • Storing your costume
Order Procedure
  1. Place an Order Requirement: share your Character image, logo, artworks.
  2. Get your estimate cost for Mascot: (TMM price mainly includes Mascot Costumes, Artwork Designs, Adjustable Helmets, and In-Built Ventilation system with Cooling Fan, & Transportation Bags).
  3. Get Mascot Costume Artwork design without any order compulsion.
  4. Get Final Mascot Costume ready in 15-20 Days with prior approvals.

01. Value for Money

We Charge that Makes you and us happy.

02. Quality

Our Mascot costume quality is more than our customer expected.

Storing your costume

In case of storing your costume for a short term, you’ll keep it during a transportation bags provided by TMM. For long-term storage, you must droop your costume on a hanger. You can use TMM transportation bags in both conditions.


Store your mascot costume with care.


Our Mascot costume quality is more than our customer expected

Mascot Wearing & Cleaning

  • How to Wear Mascots
  • Costume Cleaning
How to Wear Mascots
  • To avoid any accidents and safety measures, children are not allowed to wear mascot costumes in any circumstances.
  • Don’t just stand idle, it will ruin the charm of your mascot. Fun, selfie, dance, interactive! Overstate your actions!
  • Always take appropriate intervals, every 15-20 minutes. Take plenty of water in the intervals.
  • Don’t ever let anyone watching you getting in or out of your costume—it’ll spoil the magic! Especially for kids.
  • Avoid eat or smoke while you are wearing mascot costume.
  • Always drink plenty of water whereas wearing your costume, particularly in hot conditions, it makes staying hydrous easy.
  •  In case, if you or your artist starting to feel hydrate or hot, remove your costume with immediate effect.


You could call us to repair the mascot costume if required.


We provide alteration and fitting service for the mascot costume.

Costume Cleaning
  • Except for Heads, all costumes are easily machine-washable with normal washing detergents.
  • Hands and shoes should be hand washed only.
  • Avoid dry clean your mascot costume.
  • in case, if your costumes are with very complicated shapes and might not be able to go in the washing machine, in that condition, wash your costumes with hand only.

01. Effective Promotional Product

The meticulous TMM working and it’s “no-compromise to quality” agenda to offer the best to clients

02. Shipping

Get the shipping cost off above the order value INR 2 Lacs

Important notes

We design customized mascot costumes as per your requisites to help you meet your business objective.

01. Birthday Events

Add the value to a Birthday celebration with Mascot which will make the birthday memorable.

02. Sports Event

Playing the game will become more attractive when a mascot stands up for cheering the winning moments.

03. Corporate Events

Present the ideas and business values to the world with a different dynamic approach which differentiate your presentation.

04. School Events

Students enjoy learning with fun. why should not we use the mascot to explain a character to them,

05. Promotional Events

Promote your brand, products or services to public and audience with the mascot to get the more on your investment.

06. Awareness Events

Want to convey something to people or society without speaking loud, use the mascot to do it in peace.