About Us

Our Story

In 2018, we set out with the straightforward goal of giving the brand’s personality a face so that it would be more easily understood and appreciated by the public at large. We were aware of the scarcity of qualified mascot makers and the absence of competition in the imaginative field of costume weaving.

We’ve been expanding rapidly lately. The day and the route we took are both as familiar to us as the palms of our hands. Armed with originality and imagination, we began by developing iconic, customized designs that would become synonymous with the companies we supported.



In this case, little is more. One of its greatest selling points is how simple it is to recount. Our goal as The Mascot Makers has always been to convey the purity of our ideas through the aesthetics we develop.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but we always knew where we were going magnificent designs that befuddle outfits. Our guiding idea has always been to provide you with products of unmatched quality and unique styles that capture the essence of your brand.

Our Working

Your company’s mascot should be the personification of your brand. This materialized representation of your company’s identity can bridge the gap between a thriving brand and a forgotten one. Therefore, taking a chance on their implementation is not something we plan to do.

Even before you decide to join us, we begin the meticulous process of generating mascots for your brand. To create a memorable brand identity, we first seek to learn about your needs, then analyze your audience, and last examine the competition.  Despite our relative youth, we have gained widespread acclaim from many areas and subsets of the industry thanks to our untidy focus on detail.

Beginning with the onboarding process, our team will be there to provide you with continual support based on a variety of criteria. We look at the whole picture. This means that we have more to do after giving the mascots to you. We can help you with the launch of your mascot, with managing your participation at various events, and with community management.

We are leading mascot character maker in India & mascot design maker in India and we take pride in delivering quality mascot costumes that transcend borders, bringing the magic of brand mascot characters to a global audience.


Our Team

Friction of imagination, explosion of ideas

A group of highly motivated people, The Mascot Makers knows how to merge creativity and innovation to achieve bespoke brilliance. On a typical workday, the office erupts in a plethora of unrelated conversations. Amazingly, we relish this disturbance in the creative process and incorporate it into our work to produce something fresh every time.

Our crew is well aware of the weight of duty resting on their shoulders, and they meet that challenge head-on with every project by giving you the kind of memorable, unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression.