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Mascot Costumes for Parties

Get the mascot costumes designed from us for your party.

Corporate Events Mascots

We provides the mascot costumes for your corporate events and promotion campaigns.

Mascots For Product Promostions

Design the costumes that suites your business needs.

Awareness Events

Use our costumes to spread the knowledge and information using the mascots.


Mascot Costume – Large Range of Design and Products line

Welcome to The Mascot Makers, your go-to source for top-notch brand mascot costumes! We specialize in crafting high-quality costumes inspired by famous brand mascots to make your promotional events and marketing campaigns unforgettable. From the iconic Yakult, instax fujifilms, kinder, Blinkit(Groffer), Snowcity to the playful Boost Juice bars and the energetic god krishna, our lineup ensures your brand gets the attention it deserves.

As both mascot costume creator, manufacturer and exporter in India, we take pride in delivering quality costumes that transcend borders, bringing the magic of brand mascot characters to a global audience. Let The Mascot Makers be your partner in creating a lasting and engaging brand identity with our expertly crafted mascot outfits costumes.

Step into the spotlight with comfort, durability, and an authentic representation of your brand’s personality. Explore our range to find the perfect brand mascot character, including Ronald McDonald, Pillsbury Doughboy, and Energizer Bunny. Elevate your brand presence with The Mascot Makers, where enchanting brand mascot costumes come to life!

Step into the spotlight with confidence, knowing that our mascot creations, including sports mascots, brand mascots, commercial mascots and company mascots, are designed to make a statement. Elevate your events and campaigns with The Mascot Makers, where the magic of mascots meets exceptional craftsmanship!